Our 20 years of materials handling systems involvement allows ITS to incorporate a broad range, real-world experience to your simulation projects. At ITS, we view simulation modeling as one of the tools required for today’s leading-edge materials handling projects.

Our simulation models have included:

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) - single and double-deep
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) - multi-floor, multi-building.
Automated Electrified Monorail (AEM) - overhead and inverted.
Conveyor Systems - accumulation, indexing, walking beam, carousel and continuous vertical.
Computer-controlled Pneumatic Tube Systems - multi-zone, multi-building networks.

These systems technologies have to be accurately incorporated into the modeling effort. We know, we’ve been there! Subtleties, such as English-, Metric-, or mixed-base systems all require attention to detail, but the modeler also has to have a "feel" for the relative differences. Whereas 200 ft/min is feasible, 200m/sec is a bit far-fetched.

Not only can we model these systems, but we have the background (and the backbone) to help you implement successful projects.

Simulation is done for a purpose - to answer questions, not to just create fancy graphics. ITS International treats simulation seriously because your questions are serious, the answers are important, and the goal is bigger than the simulation model.
We believe in the systems approach to modeling. No system operates in a vacuum, so we look both upstream and downstream to see how the area of focus is both impacted and impacts.

Each project follows a specific outline.

1. Define the simulation objective
2. Define the scope of the model
3. Collect or create the necessary data
4. Model Development
5. Validate the model -
does the model code do what it is supposed to?

6. Verify the results - does the model represent reality?
7. Experimention - what-if analysis
8. Documentation
9. Presentation

Our language proficiencies include: SLX, GPSS/H, AutoMod, and Taylor ED. If your philosophy about simulation modeling of your projects matches ours, consider ITS.

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