ITS International, Inc. provides custom-engineered monorail solutions to manufacturing and distribution operations for a variety of materials handling.

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With our Automated Electrified Monorail (AEM) product line, ITS combines proven components, state-of-the-art controls, and systems engineering expertise to develop a materials handling system for your specific application needs. We’ll never know your business better than you, so your input is essential to identifying your business requirements for a materials handling system.

Our goal is to maximize the benefits you realize with an AEM system – performance, flexibility, reliability, and payback. At the same time, we realize that you have a business to run.

With an approach of proving our design concepts through computer simulation modeling and in-house prototyping for custom designs, ITS International, Inc. is the right company to help you get the most from your automated materials handling while minimizing the impact to your on-going operations during installation.

We’ve put together a team of dedicated individuals averaging over twenty years of materials handling experience. We focus on providing a solution, not just on selling equipment.

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